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Unfortunately, mental and physical health outcomes in the conventional/traditional model of care are not nearly as effective as we would like them to be. Why is this? Our best guess is that it is because conventional treatment and health care focuses solely on symptom diagnosis and symptom management. You might even call this a "band-aid" approach to health. But why are we focusing on symptoms instead of the root cause of difficulties? A dying tree is not repaired by pruning leaves...we must address difficulties at their source-at their foundation.

Think about it this way...if your faucet in your kitchen was overflowing, resulting in puddles of flooded water on your floor, would it be to your advantage to get a mop and continue to wipe the water off the floor or might it be more effective to get to the root of the problem and turn off the sink? Thrive Wellness and Performance attends to the latter, while conventional care is the former.

At Thrive Wellness and Performance we seek to help you heal at the foundation by addressing problems from an integrative and holistic perspective. We believe that healing occurs at the intersection between the mind, body, and spirit. We place particular emphasis on using evidenced-based practices that have been shown in scientific literature to be effective in helping individuals with an array of physical and psychological difficulties.

Our approach and focus is to help empower and equip you to optimize your performance and well-being so that you can live life well and to it's fullest extent.


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