At Thrive Wellness and Performance, we utilize the most current and accurate biofeedback and neurofeedback devices for enhancing performance. Training will depend on the needs of the individual/team, but will typically consist of an assessment/intake to examine baselines and goals. Afterwards, the individual or team will engage in performance training through the use of different psychophysiological techniques. The end result is enhanced sports performance through enhanced self-awareness and self-regulation of the stress response or shaping of problematic physiological responses that take the athlete out of the "zone."

We can teach you different techniques to enter into the "zone" in as little as 5-10 seconds! All of this is through self-regulation of the nervous system and enhancing the athletic mindset.


Stressed? Anxious? Living with Chronic Pain and Insomnia? Learn all about a non-invasive, evidenced-based approach with lasting results!


Did you know that you can assess the overall functioning of your brain waves and then make significant changes through training?

Health Coaching and HRV COACHING

Research is clear...accountability and coaching is key to success in making significant health changes! We want to partner with you!

Brain Wave Entrainment and Photobiomodulation

Did you know that there are ways to inherently change brain waves through the use of light and sound? Sound crazy? Well check this out!

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